Blazin’ Buffalo & Ranch Doritos 20oz Bag Only $4.48 at Sam’s Club

two large bags of buffalo and ranch tortilla chips in store cart

Spread your wings and try a new Doritos flavor at Sam’s Club! 🌶

If you can devour a plate of buffalo wings any day of the week, then head over to Sam’s Club where we spotted the return of the cult-favorite Blazin’ Buffalo & Ranch Doritos!

Blazin’ Buffalo & Ranch Doritos combine bold buffalo and cool ranch flavors – a classic combination any snack lover needs to try. If you’ve ever made walking tacos or taco salad, or just love a good chip and dip snack session, these tortilla chips would be an awesome swap in place of regular tortilla chips!

Not a Sam’s Club Member? This item is only available in-club so snag this 1-year membership deal and score a free gift card!

large bags of buffalo and ranch tortilla chips in store

A 19.375oz bag of this limited-edition flavor was priced at just $4.48 at our local Sam’s Club, so grab a few bags for your next party or stock up while its still on shelves.

Not sure you’d like this flavor? Read why they’re a hit with one reviewer’s family…

“Praises to Frito Lay for bringing back this flavor! Best Doritos flavor by far… my whole family loves it and we go through at least a few bags a week. Perfect blend of buffalo hot wing spice and a hint of their Cool Ranch flavor. You can’t go wrong with these when you’ve got a craving for some buffalo or just some great flavored Doritos. Also makes a great addition to taco bakes and other food dishes.”

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