Best Makeup Drawer Organizer to Display Cosmetics

putting makeup brush in organizer from amazon

Attention organizing fans – this clear acrylic makeup drawer organizer post is for you!

How’s your cosmetic storage situation? If it could use a little sprucing up, I’m sharing my favorite clear case acrylic makeup drawer organizer that has helped me tidy up my counter so that my morning routine runs much smoother. Better yet, I’ve got an exclusive promo code to help you save at checkout, so keep on reading’…

messy makeup station

Here’s what my makeup station looked like before! (Ha! Yes, I know it was bad!) 

I had this old rotating organizer that no longer turned, was missing pieces, and also a too-small drawer one that didn’t hold much.

Even though I work hard each day creating beautiful photos and content for Hip2Save, in real life, I’m basically a little messy! LOL! 😆 I tend to just be in a hurry a lot and not put my stuff back in an organized way… and then move on to other things. I mean my house is clean, but clutter can overrun a few areas in my home including my bathroom counter, and that can cause me anxiety.

cleaning makeup containers

The first thing I did was just take some time to look over the makeup I was hoarding. I went through and got rid of the items I no longer use and cosmetics that were super old. According to the shelf life for opened mascara is only three months, powdered blush and eye shadow around two years, and lipsticks about one year.

I also wiped down the outside of all my makeup containers with Lysol wipes and got everything looking nice again.

holding a Sorbus organizer with makeup inside

Introducing the Sorbus acrylic makeup drawer organizer from Amazon!

This beautiful shiny new makeup organizer is the perfect solution to getting your cosmetics organized and displaying them nicely on the counter. It’s so pretty and I’m thinking even the folks from The Home Edit would be kinda proud of me for completing this project! 😂

tall clear makeup organizer with drawers

Priced at just under $35, it was well worth the investment to have each item in my makeup collection have a spot. I love the calming feeling that comes with having things organized and tidy, and this highly-rated makeup organizer provided me with just that!

Even better, you can score this makeup organizer for less with our exclusive code!

makeup organizer with black lined drawers

I love how this organizer is clear so I can see everything right away, and it also comes with some black drawer liners that give it a clean modern look. The drawers are nice and sturdy and can easily pull completely out.

Sorbus actually has various configurations to choose from. I went with the 3 large drawers and 4 small drawers option. This allows me to have a compartment for liners, a separate one for mascara tubes, a whole drawer for my magnetic eyelashes, and the rest are mostly powdered makeup storage for blush, highlighter, eyeshadow, and various makeup pallets.

removable top of makeup organizer

You’ll love all the handy storage this makeup drawer organizer has!

You can honestly fit a ton of makeup in here, or leave it more open. The top of this organizer has lots of storage for makeup brushes, lipstick, smaller bottles, and jewelry. Plus, another cool feature is that the top of the organizer with the makeup brush storage slides completely off, and can easily be put back in place.

Speaking of makeup brushes, I recently purchased this set of awesome double-sided makeup brushes and highly recommend it if you’re in the market to replace yours. Mine were so old and needed to be replaced, and this set is so versatile and of great quality for the price point.

makeup organizer on the counter

I love storage solutions that are both beautiful and functional!

My makeup organizer has seriously cut down on the time I was fumbling through my previous makeup set up and has been super helpful! It looks great on the counter and has stayed looking clean and put together. Yay!! 🙌

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