Best Apple Watch Black Friday 2021 Deals

I ordered my 7 (GPS+cellular) from four weeks ago. Should be here next week. Every model has different waiting periods. Verizon activation rebate plus trading in my 3 made it the same price as a 6. CAUTION: the apple watch 3 does NOT update with Verizon anymore, meaning it works as a health tracker, but I had to remove the messaging apps and all other non-essential apps to make it work (applepay still works). And I have to swipe “dismiss” daily on the phone reminder that my watch software is out of date. But I’ve had my 3 for almost four years, so definitely gotten my money’s worth lol. Remember, apple sets the retailer prices, so if you see an unbelievable 7 deal, it’s probably a scam. HTH!

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