Bath and Body Works Candle Day 2021 + Employee Insider Savings Tips

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Prepare yourself for the Bath & Body Works Candle Day Sale!

Bath & Body Works Candle Day happens once-a-year sale when the store traditionally offers its popular 3-Wick Candles for over 60% off.

Plus, they often send out mailers or email coupons around this time, which you can stack with this sale (in-store only) to score 3-Wick Candles for up to 75% off! 👏

3-Wick Candles at Bath and Body Works

While the company hasn’t officially announced when Candle Day 2021 will be held, this event usually falls on the first Saturday in December, which would be December 4th this year.

But last year, the store switched things up a bit and started the festivities early on Friday, December 4th for a 3-day sale that lasted all weekend long! This format got mixed reviews from customers since sale prices were only available online for the first day and many popular scents sold out quickly both in-store and online.

hand holding a Bath & Body Works candle

This year, we’re predicting another multiple-day sale beginning on a Friday.

In fact, rumor has it (and semi-confirmed by a B&BW manager) that Candle Day 2021 will start on Friday, December 3 with most stores opening at 5 AM!

According to the manager we were able to chat with, this year’s Candle Day event should last for three days (12/3 thru 12/5). There are also additional Bath & Body Works employees in this very interesting subReddit who tend to agree!

woman holding bath & body works candle

If you’re looking for some strategies to get the most bang for your buck this Candle Day and you have a few moments to peruse this Reddit post by u/PageonSage, it’s definitely worth a read.

Below, you’ll find just a few of the insider tips recommended by this Bath & Body Works employee to help you get ready for our favorite candle sale of the year!

3 wick candle at bath and body works

1. Consider shopping every day of the multiple-day event.

If Candle Day does end up spanning two days this year, try to plan on shopping both days if you can’t get all the candles you want on Day 1. Rumor has it that additional candles may be released on Day 2, so you may get a second chance to find a popular scent that was sold out on Day 1.

line of people at bath & body works candle day sale

2. Consider shopping in-store to increase your chances of getting what you want.

You may remember that last year, both the website and the app were disastrously slow and glitchy, and there were multiple crashes. Expect more of the same this year (unfortunately 👎), because hundreds of thousands of people are all expected to be checking out at the same time. That visual image makes the lines at the store seem a little less intimidating, doesn’t it?! 😱

Another benefit of in-store shopping is that when you leave with your candles in hand, there’s no way your order can get canceled. Many folks who shopped online last year had their orders partially or fully canceled, and this will be an even bigger likelihood this year with supply chain issues, sluggish warehouse operations, and shipping logistics.

Finally, if you shop online and your candles arrive broken (which does happen), you may not be able to replace them if they’re sold out.

If you do plan to shop in-store on Candle Day, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Store hours may vary, so call your local Bath & Body Works the week of Candle Day to find out when they will open. Don’t wait until Candle Day to make this phone call, as the associates may be too busy to answer the phone.
  • Lines do form outside the store before opening time on Candle Day, so plan to arrive early with an empty bladder and lots of patience.
  • Know what you want ahead of time and make a list. If you’re unsure of the scents you want, plan a “walk & sniff” in advance of the sale. You don’t want to waste precious Candle Day time trying to find your signature scent!
  • Purchase limits are strictly enforced, but you can still buy up to 18 candles per transaction. Bring a friend to help you carry your merchandise if you’re planning a big haul!

Bath & Body Works Pineapple Pancakes

3. Having said all that, you may still want to shop online!

Even the Candle Day veterans who know the realities of online shopping are still willing to give it a shot. Not everyone can get into the store on Candle Day, plus shopping online is the only way to get access to Bath & Body Works’ highly sought-after Online Exclusives.

If you’re shopping online, you can decrease the odds of having your order canceled by paying for expedited shipping. This option will cost you $9 more, but if the sale begins on a Friday as predicted this year, placing an expedited order before 2 PM will hopefully get your candles out of the warehouse before the non-expedited orders are shipped. Then, when they have to start canceling orders, your candles will already (hopefully) be en route to your doorstep!

Rumor has it that the BOPIS (Buy Online Pick-up In Store) option may be unavailable for Candle Day, but this method is not to be trusted on Candle Day even if you do see it as an option. BOPIS orders are fulfilled by store employees who will be very busy on Candle Day, so your items may not be shopped until the in-store rush dies down. At this point, popular candles will be sold out and your order may be canceled.

early candle day access at bath and body works

4. If you are shopping online, plan to start early.

Last year, the Candle Day sale was supposed to start online at 6 AM Eastern time, but there were reports of people placing their online orders as early at 4:00 AM Eastern. My Bath & Body Works Rewards members may get early access to the sale hours before it starts, but this is hasn’t been confirmed for 2021 and this option isn’t always well-publicized when available.

If there’s a candle you absolutely must have, set an alarm for well before the sale’s start time, pour yourself some coffee, and start hitting that refresh button! ☕

Bath & Body Works coupons

5. Don’t count on using any coupons online.

Historically, Bath & Body Works has always required an online coupon code to get the Candle Day price on its 3-wick candles. This code will be revealed closer to the start of the sale, and the site will only accept one coupon code per online order.

This means that you won’t be able to use any additional coupons when shopping online. If you received coupons in the mail and they’re are burning a hole in your pocket, this may be another good reason to consider shopping in-store!

hand holding a bath & body works candle

Watch this page for up-to-the-minute Candle Day updates, as we’ll be posting the exact dates and times as soon that information is released by Bath & Body Works!

In the meantime, be on the lookout for BOGO Free sales, free offers with purchase, 20% off coupons, and more! You can find all of the store’s current offers and promotions right here

Bath & Body Works Coupon Booklet

Make sure you’re on the store’s mailing list to save BIG all year long!

Bath & Body Works sends out various mailer coupons throughout the year. These often include free product coupons with NO purchase required, $15 off $40 purchase, 20% off, and more!

If you’re not on their mailing list yet, head on over here and choose the “Mailing Address Add/Update” option from the drop-down menu and enter your information. And, did you know that if you receive a mailer with several coupons attached to the same card, you can use ALL three coupons in one transaction (in-store only)? Yes, it’s true!

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