Amazon Prime Members Now Pay $10 for Whole Foods Grocery Delivery

Amazon Whole Foods delivery now won’t be free!

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Amazon is doing away with free grocery deliveries for Prime members. ☹️

For years, Amazon has been offering its Prime members free two-hour grocery delivery from Whole Foods Markets. This service surged in popularity during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, when shoppers were looking for the convenience and added peace of mind that contact-free grocery delivery could provide.

After years of including this service as part of every Amazon Prime membership, the company will soon start charging a fee for grocery delivery. While Whole Foods grocery delivery and pickup will continue to be available exclusively for Prime members, delivery will soon cost an additional $9.95 every time a Prime member places an order. This fee does not include the delivery driver’s tip.

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After testing this fee-based delivery service in Portland, ME, Providence, RI, Manchester, NH, and the greater Detroit, Boston, and Chicago areas last month, the company has decided to implement the $9.95 delivery charge nationwide beginning on October 25, 2021. This fee will apply to all orders from Whole Foods Market, with additional rush fees remaining in place for one-hour deliveries.

According to Amazon, the purpose of this service fee is to help cover equipment, technology, and the other costs associated with grocery delivery orders. The company went on to say that it will also keep pricing the same whether Prime members shop online or in-store at their local Whole Foods Market.

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Until October 25, Amazon Prime members can still get their Whole Foods orders of $35 or more delivered for free. After that date, Prime members can avoid this fee by opting for free store pickup on orders of $35 or more. Tips are not currently accepted for pickup orders.

At this point in time, the $9.95 fee does not apply to Amazon Fresh delivery orders. Two-hour delivery and 1-hour pickup from Amazon Fresh, where available, remain free for Prime members on orders over $35.

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