AlzeCure releases results from TrkA-NAM data

Company presents new pain data on the anti-inflammatory effects of its TrkA-NAM

AlzeCure, a company that focuses on a broad portfolio of small molecule candidate drugs for diseases affecting the central nervous system, such as Alzheimer’s disease, has released its presentation from the pain conference, IASP 2022.

The abstract includes new results from the company’s preclinical project TrkA-NAM, which is developed with a focus on osteoarthritis pain and other severe pain conditions.

The presentation, titled ‘Analgesic and Anti-inflammatory Effects of Small Molecule Negative Allosteric Modulators of TrkA’, was held by the project manager Dr Pontus Forsell and contains new results from the ongoing preclinical studies with a substance in the TrkA-NAM project. They include effect studies in a pain model, but also studies on inflammation and relevant biomarkers.

The results show that the substance, AC-0027838, has a potent analgesic effect in a model of nociceptive pain. It blocks NGF-mediated signalling via TrkA receptors – a biological mechanism with strong genetic, preclinical and clinical validation regarding its role in pain.

The data also showed that AC-0027838 has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect, something that may potentiate its analgesic effects in clinical contexts. Analysis of the inflamed tissue also demonstrated significant effects on CGRP, which is a relevant biomarker of inflammation and pain.

“The project is based on a mechanism with strong preclinical and clinical validation. We have now been able to show that our potent and selective TrkA-NAM molecules exhibit both analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects in a relevant preclinical model, which are promising results for their further development,” explained Dr Forsell.

“This positive data further strengthens the project and contributes to increased commercial interest. That this is also a mechanism that is not linked to the side effects and addiction problems observed with opioids is important in the context as the medical need for alternative treatments is very great,” added Martin Jönsson, chief executive officer of AlzeCure Pharma.

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