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Let’s get a little personal… 

I’ll put the disclaimer out there first: today, we’re talking about poop. 💩 And specifically, the fact that a lot of us are out here doing the deed incorrectly. Who knew?! We typically sit down as we would in a chair, but it turns out that’s holding us back from reaching our full bathroom break potential.

The best (and easiest) position in which we can answer nature’s call is actually squatting. Because of the way our bodies are shaped, squatting is a lot easier on our digestive tracts & allows those lower muscles to fully relax.

Squatty Potty under toilet with red bow

By now, you’re probably picturing someone precariously balancing on the edge of their toilets or awkwardly hovering over the bowl, but don’t worry, friends–there’s a much easier way to go about your business!

The Squatty Potty saves you from any struggle and prevents unnecessary strain on your muscles (which, in turn, reduces your risk of unpleasant side effects like hemorrhoids).

squatty potty stool in box

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The benefits of squatting are backed by research.

Don’t take my word for it! There have been several studies showing that squatting is the superior form when it comes to both comfort and digestive health.

Researchers have found that the prevalence of “bowel related diseases like hemorrhoids, appendicitis, constipation, and irritable bowel syndrome” in countries with “western-style” toilets (the ones we have here in the US) was noticeably higher than in countries where it’s more common to squat.

Although diet & lifestyle surely play a big part in overall gut health, it looks like our pooping positions are important as well!

Squatty Potty under toilet

Even though it’s a great bathroom accessory for everyone, some can benefit more than others.

Since using the Squatty Potty reduces the strain on your muscles, it’s really the perfect tool for folks with constipation or hemorrhoids. If you suffer from one of those super common issues, I can’t recommend it enough!

It’s totally worth the full price, but if you can score the Squatty Potty on sale (like right now!), it’s a total no-brainer addition to your bathroom toolkit. 🙌

The Squatty Potty is also the perfect gift for the whole family.

bathroom with toilet, sink, and stool

Not only because everyone can use it themselves (although that’s totally an upside as well), but because it’ll make bathroom visits smoother for the people who need it most. And in the end, that’s a win for everyone! 👏

Do you settle in for a movie night with your significant other only to watch them disappear into the bathroom for an hour before y’all can even start the movie? Get them a Squatty Potty.

When you get ready to go out to dinner with your parents, does at least one of them have to spend 45 minutes in the loo before they’re ready to go? A Squatty Potty can help speed up the process.

Does your partner, kiddo, or other family member hog the toilet in the morning when you’re desperate to visit the bathroom after your second cup of coffee? Ease everyone’s frustration with a Squatty Potty.

I could go on, but you guys get the gist. We spend a good chunk of our lives sitting on the toilet — we may as well make the experience as enjoyable as possible, right? Life’s too short for subpar bathroom visits!

Note: There’s no guarantee that using the Squatty Potty will make your BMs any faster (although it may help with that). It will, however, make them more productive and comfortable.

Lastly, the Squatty Potty gets points for style.

stool under toilet

Instead of a regular, bulky bathroom stool, the Squatty Potty is designed to hug the base of your toilet & stay out of the way when it’s not in use. You can just slightly scooch it forward whenever you need to plant your feet on it.

As someone who trips on thin air, I appreciate that I can keep it stowed away for my own safety. 😅

Squatty Potty Moonlight

The Squatty Potty Moonlight even comes with a built-in nightlight if you’re the type of person who hates turning on the blindingly bright bathroom light when you’re still half asleep (guilty 🙃). It gives off enough of a glow to help you safely navigate the bathroom in the dark, but not so much that it wakes you up and ruins your sleep cycle. Perfection. 

man holding a Squatty Potty in bathroom

My Hip teammate Stetson is a fan of the Squatty Potty as well.

Here’s what he said about it:

“I don’t really know what else to say other than the Squatty Potty gets the job done. It makes my bathroom visits comfortable and enjoyable. It’s also nice & durable, and easy to stow away. It’s a universal gift for anyone and everyone – and makes the perfect White Elephant gift, too!” – Stetson

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