9 Best Toaster Ovens to Buy in 2021 (for Every Budget)

Mueller toaster oven on counter

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Save time & your home’s energy with a new toaster oven! We’re sharing the best ones to buy in 2021 so whether your kitchen is due for a new one, you have a teen headed to college this summer, or you’re looking for that perfect housewarming gift, we’re excited to have found something for everyone in every budget! 🙌

Best budget-friendly toaster ovens under $100:

1. The affordable Comfee’ Toaster Oven meets all your daily basic needs.

close up of open black toaster oven on kitchen counter

Buy it on Amazon$34.10 

  • Plus, save an additional $4.00 with their clippable coupon! 

Meet all your basic needs with this affordable appliance from baking to broiling and of course, toasting! It has an effortless design with its non-stick pull-out tray and easy-to-use 30-minute timer. Plus, it fits nicely on any countertop so you might even think about taking it with you on the go for your next camping trip.

2. Mueller Toaster Oven offers some serious bang for your buck & looks good.

close up of stainless steel toaster oven on kitchen countertop

Top-rated quality with an affordable price is hard to come by these days, but Mueller hit the nail on the head with this toaster oven which can comfortably fit a 9″ pizza or 4 slices of toast! Plus, it even has an impressively wide range of temperatures for its caliber from 150 to 450 degrees!

3. With the Toshiba Toaster Oven you can fit 6 slices of bread to accommodate your whole family.

stainless steel toaster oven on kitchen counter

Buy it on Amazon$83.15

  • Plus, save an additional $8.32 with their clippable coupon! 

If you’re looking to maximize your space and your budget, this toaster oven delivers optimal space and a price that’s super appealing! Complete with 10 cooking settings and a 60-minute timer, this appliance has room to fit 6 slices of toast, 4 pounds of chicken, or even a 12″ pizza pie! YUM!

Best mid-range toaster ovens under $150:

4. This Oster Toaster Oven even has its own pizza drawer.

hand pulling out pizza from oster toaster oven drawer

Pizza nights have never been easier or quicker than with this muti-purpose appliance – complete with its very own 12″ drawer for you guessed it – pizza! Better yet, with its powerful turbo heat baking technology, you’ll get a faster and more even cooking experience with every use!

person pulling pizza out of kitchenaid countertop oven

Following the black appliance trend that’s becoming so popular? This matte black color will look stylish and amazing in your kitchen while toasting up all your favorite meals. Plus, it’s incredibly easy to use with its non-stick interior (AKA simple clean-ups) and nine preset cooking functions from roasting to broiling to baking.

white kitchen appliance on marble counter with piece of toast

Evenly toast, bake, brown, or reheat all your favorite dishes with this highly-rated appliance! The Panasonic also delivers an impressive, compact size, yet still has the capability of fitting 4 slices of toast or an entire 9″ pizza – making it the perfect size for singles, couples, or those headed off to a college dorm room.

Best splurge-worthy toaster ovens:

ninja air fryer oven on kitchen counter with glass door open

Ninja does it again with the most innovative toaster oven on the market! If you didn’t scoop up the Ninja Air Fryer when I posted about it, you’re going to love this Ninja product! It has the ability to air fry, air roast, air broil, bake, bagel, toast, dehydrate, and keep all your food warm! Better yet, it takes up half the amount of space that traditional toaster ovens do, leaving you more room on your counters than ever before! 🙌

stainless steel toaster oven sitting in white kitchen

Get the best of both worlds with this air fryer and a toaster oven all in one! Cuisinart’s dedicated cooking functions make dehydrating, air frying, baking, broiling, toasting (and so much more) easier than ever and more delicious than ever! Plus, it has an incredibly wide temperature range from 80 to 450 degrees!

modern charcoal black appliance on wood countertop

Style meets modern looks & technology with this beautifully designed appliance – it’s practically a piece of kitchen art! And if budget isn’t a factor, you’re not going to want to look any further than this beauty!

It comes in white, gray, or black to blend with any modern kitchen and is packed full of innovative technologies like its steam feature which allows breads to become perfectly crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. Plus, with its incredibly precise temperature regulation, it’ll bring out the perfect taste, aroma, and texture of every food – even scallops! I’m already drooling. 🤤

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