15 Best Things We’ve Bought on Amazon & Can’t Live Without

Our team’s favorite under $20 Amazon finds!

close up of blue dog paw cleaner over carpet

Amazon has it all, but here are a few of our favorite things. 🤩

Don’t you love when a friend shares a great Amazon find?! 🙌🏻 It’s no news we’re obsessed with Amazon + the convenient & fast Prime shipping + the endless amount of online goods you can find. However, there’s always that one purchase that sticks out among all the others, so our team is sharing the best things to buy on Amazon that stuck out among the rest.

Best of all, these products we can’t live without are $20 or less! Note that these Amazon prices are accurate at the time of posting.

1. Beauty lovers everywhere will obsess over this matte contour that doesn’t go on orange.

woman holding contour stick with makeup on hand - best things to buy on amazon

There’s nothing quite like a great contour to get your makeup game to another level! This creamy, hypoallergenic sculpting contour stick gives you a beautiful matte finish with great coverage and buildability! What more could a makeup goddess like yourself even ask for?! 😍

“It’s creamy with a matte finish, blends beautifully, and it’s not orange!” – Andrea, Hip2Save sidekick

pair of black and gray shorts laying on wood surface

Shopping for men can sometimes be tough, but you can never go wrong with a few pairs of quality shorts. We know these would make great gifts since my Hip sidekick’s teenage boys wear these shorts constantly! They have a 2-in-1 design, numerous pockets for storing phones & wallets, and come in 3 neutral colors.

putting phone in shorts pocket

“Both of my teenage boys love these running shorts (we currently own 3 pairs). They have a liner that can hold your cell phone and they seriously seem as nice as my hubby’s Lululemon running shorts!” – Bryn, Hip2Save sidekick

3. This handheld frother makes rich, creamy froth in seconds, & every morning easier. 

hand holding frother in coffee mug on counter - best things to buy on amazon

If you’re someone who loves some frothy milk to put into their morning latte then you’ve been missing out on this portable, handheld frother. It whips up rich, creamy froth in seconds and is way more convenient than putting it in a milk frother. Not to mention, it takes up so much less space too!

“Never thought I needed this until I used the one my boyfriend has and I was instantly hooked! Great for incorporating powdered supplements into coffee, frothing milk for coffee (obv), and emulsifying homemade salad dressing. If you think you don’t need one, you’re wrong because you do. 😆 – Emily, Hip2Save sidekick

hand holding black amazon essentials underwear on top of dresser - best things to buy on amazon

They aren’t called Amazon Essentials for nothing! If you’re in the market for some new panties, look no further! These sets of panties come in all black or a 4-pack of pastels and are seamless so you can essentially wear them with anything.

Important note: These appear to run small, so you may want to size up.

“Probably TMI folks, but I have replaced my entire underwear drawer with these panties and they’re literally the only kind I wear now. I have like 20 pairs! 😂” – Emily, Hip2Save sidekick

5. Grab this portable blender for your morning smoothies – it doesn’t even need to be plugged in.

blue portable blender on countertop with fruit inside - best things to buy on amazon

Mulli Portable Blender $26.98 (regularly $29.89)
Plus, score an additional $5 off with Amazon’s clippable coupon!
Final cost just $21.98 shipped!

Want a lower price? Save this portable blender to your Amazon list, as we’ve seen this item drop below $20 previously.

Whether you’re whipping up delicious smoothies or protein shakes to meet your fitness goals, this portable blender will be a lifesaver! Better yet, you don’t need to fuss with charging it so it’s truly a no-brainer for anyone rushing out the door in the morning.

woman drinking from portable blender

“I absolutely love this blender – it’s perfectly compact & portable! The best part, it doesn’t need to be plugged in every time I use it and only needs to be charged occasionally. It’s also really easy to clean by just adding soap, water, and clicking the blend button. Despite it being tiny, it’s also very powerful!” – Kaitlyn, Hip2Save sidekick

6. Get all your makeup off with this incredibly effective & soft makeup eraser.

woman holding up used makeup eraser with eye makeup removed

If you’ve been a Hip2Save reader for a while, you may have seen Emily brag about her favorite makeup remover! The eco-friendly way to wash all your makeup off is truly a game-changer! Reusable, machine washable, and gentle on your skin! 🙌🏻

woman holding pink makeup eraser in hand

“I bought this mini makeup eraser after reading Emily’s review and I’m so glad I did! It’s so soft and works extremely well and I love that I can wash it and just keep using it!” – Jessica, Hip2Save sidekick

7. Get difficult stains out of anything with Andrea’s favorite spot cleaner.

hand holding stain remover over rug

Accidents happen, but when you’ve got this USA-made spot remover on hand, you won’t be fretting over anything that’s bound to happen with kiddos and a dog running around. In fact, it can handle the toughest of stains such as pet accidents, grease, oil, ink, red wine, coffee, blood, rust, food, cosmetics, dirt, and grime!

“I used this to remove grape juice stains from a mattress and…WOW! Most of it went away without even scrubbing!” – Andrea, Hip2Save sidekick

8. This innovative dog paw cleaner will be on every dog owner’s list of best things to buy on Amazon.

dog holding paw up over mudbuster paw cleaner on carpet - best things to buy on amazon

Struggle to keep up with your pup’s dirty paws?! Your mind is going to be blown when you try one of these handy Mudbusters! With a little water and a simple twist of this handy tool, the gentle silicone bristles will get your pup’s paws clean in just seconds with very little effort on your part.

“The Mudbuster is a product I could not live without! When it rains, my dog’s paws get SO muddy! It’s a huge hassle to clean them off because mud gets between her toes, in her nails, and on her hair. With the Mudbuster, the soft bristles get everything out. It takes about 15 seconds per paw and we are done. This is better for my dog so she’s not standing around for a long time waiting for me to clean her paws and it’s very gentle on her.” – Jen, Hip2Save sidekick

9. Lina prettied up her shower by swapping hair care with these aesthetically pleasing & refillable pump bottles.

row of amber colored pump bottles on bamboo tray in bathroom - best things to buy on amazon

Whether you’re remodeling your bathroom or looking for an inexpensive way to spruce up your space, these refillable pump bottles are one of the best things to buy on Amazon according to my Hip sidekick, Lina. They’ll add a sense of sophistication and have you feeling like your getting ready in a spa every day.

row of labeled amber pump bottles on bamboo tray in bathroom

Better yet, you can also personalize them or customize them by adding some fun labels as Lina did with her Cricut!

“I recently replaced the shampoo and other bath products in my shower with these pumps. I loved the way these looked so much, now I’m doing my kids with labels too!” – Lina, Hip2Save sidekick

10. This vegan lip scrub is the best thing to buy on Amazon if you’re looking for a spa day for your lips.

woman holding up lip scrub container applying to lips

An exfoliating lip scrub is a total game-changer to getting softer lips. It’s rejuvenating and enjoyable to use daily so it’s no wonder this vegan lip scrub made it to Lina’s list of best things to buy on Amazon. It’s packed with shea butter & Hawaiian kukui oil to hydrate your skin and Turbinado sugar crystals for the perfect exfoliation.

“I use this lip scrub every day to keep my lips from being chapped. It’s like a dreamy spa treatment for your lips and I love that it’s vegan too!” – Lina, Hip2Save sidekick

11. We finally found an extra long charger that actually lasts & works.  

two chargers laying in circles on wood table with pink ipad case - best things to buy on amazon

When you’ve got a family full of smart device users, you can never have enough chargers! You may also realize that many of them fall apart or just stop working altogether. Thanks to my Hip sidekick, Amber, she shared a charger that could possibly be the best thing you’ve ever bought off Amazon. Best of all these comes in sizes up to 16 feet long! 😱

“My kids kept needing new charging cords for their iPads but I finally found these and so far they have held up the best!” – Amber, Hip2Save sidekick

12. Get a flashy new set of rainbow knives that cut easily & make a great gift!

set of rainbow knives on granite countertop - best things to buy on amazon

On Amazon, you can even find a set of rainbow knives for under $20! This non-stick set will come with a chef, slicing, serrated, santoku, utility, and paring knife! Even more importantly, we really appreciate the variety of colors if you need to limit cross-contamination in the kitchen due to allergies or if you’re eating Kosher.

“I bought these as a Father’s Day gift for my husband who thinks he’s a chef and he LOVES them! They’re super sharp and have definitely exceeded our expectations especially for the price.” – Jessica, Hip2Save sidekick

13. Eden loves these Amazon sunglasses even more than her Ray-Bans!

hand holding a pair of black sunglasses outside in front of tree - best things to buy on amazon

Score a pair of affordable, new sunglasses on Amazon too! These come in a variety of trendy colors and are even polarized to help protect your eyes from the sun. My Hip sidekick, Eden, says they’re the best thing to buy on Amazon simply because they’re better than her Ray-Bans! 🤩

“I bought these after I saw us post a deal on them. I didn’t think they’d be that great because they’re so cheap, but boy was I wrong! I have green eyes so they’re more sensitive to the sun and these have been great for summer. Plus, they’re so stylish! I actually own a pair of Ray-Bans and these work just as well at protecting my eyes from the sun. In fact, they might even be better. 🙊 – Eden, Hip2Save sidekick

14. These gold initial necklaces are the best thing to buy on Amazon according to Amber & she’s bought three!

close up of woman wearing mini gold heart initial necklace

If you’re looking for a simple piece of jewelry to wear daily, this 14k plated gold necklace will make a simple & classy statement. Wear your initial, an initial of a loved one, or give it as a gift as my Hip sidekick, Amber has done three times! Regardless, you can’t go wrong with this minimal piece.

“I’ve bought this necklace for my mom, sister, and daughter. They all wear theirs all the time and they have held up SO well. Super cheap and cute!” – Amber, Hip2Save sidekick

15. Emily says this organic vitamin E oil is the best thing she’s ever bought for her face. 

hand holding bottle of vitamin e oil over bathroom sink - best things to buy on amazon

Made in the USA and infused with organic jojoba, avocado, & rice bran oils, this vitamin E oil will help replenish & calm itchy skin. If you want a skin-renewing powerhouse to treat yourself to, look no further, because this is the best thing to buy on Amazon according to Emily.

“I go through a plethora of skincare brands and products all the time, but this is one product I always go back to. It’s seriously the best thing I’ve ever put on my skin! With winter around the corner (a.k.a. dry skin season), AND with it being on sale, I just bought another bottle!” – Emily, Hip2Save sidekick

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