11 Legitimate Work From Home Jobs You Can Apply To

Looking for some legitimate work from home jobs?

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Looking to work from the comfort of your own home?

Remote work has become more popular in recent times. Let’s face it, though. Sometimes, it’s a little difficult to find legitimate work from home jobs. If you find yourself in that position, we’ve done the research and come up with 10 legit career options and one bonus for some extra pocket cash! Plus, who doesn’t want to avoid five o’clock traffic and save some gas money?

Here are some legitimate work from home jobs to apply for:

1. Help those learning your skills and become an online tutor.

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If you love your field and want to share your knowledge while working from home and earning extra money, you’ll love being an online tutor. Usually, it’s required to have at least a bachelor’s degree to become a tutor. Sometimes, you even need to be a teacher. Either way, you’ll probably need to take a subject expertise test to prove you’re qualified.

You can help students of all ages—from K-12 to college to adult learners—gain a better understanding of your favorite subjects while keeping your skills sharp. Plus, there are likely no fees or costs associated with applying to become a tutor with most resources!

Here are places you can apply to be a remote tutor:

  • Tutor.com supports students in both K-12 and college using fully remote, interactive online classrooms. You log on when you’re available, and there’s no invoice needed for the payment. You’ll need a bachelor’s degree and will take a subject matter expertise test.
  • Brainfuse is another great remote option. You aren’t required to show your face on camera, which is great for those who are camera shy. You do, however, need at least a bachelor’s degree. It’s not required, but, it’s a huge advantage if you’ve been a tutor or even an educator in the past. To apply, visit their website and send over an email.
  • TutorMe is great for college students looking to make some extra money (and those with a bachelor’s degree). The pay starts at $16/hour, and it’s geared at test prep as well as individuals specialized in one specific field.
  • Study Pool offers the perfect way for new professionals to garner some valuable experience in a low-stress area. You aid students on specific projects or tasks instead of an entire course.

2. Travel agents can work from anywhere they’d like!

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If you enjoy traveling and being organized, you’re already on your way to becoming a travel agent! You don’t need any kind of degree to become a travel agent, but vacation planning can be stressful! Make sure you thrive under pressure. It’s also helpful to pick a niche. Whether it’s Europe, small beach towns, or Disney, You can focus on any area of the world!

You can do this by either being part of an agency or working independently. For now, we’re listing options that are part of an agency or company, but you can learn more about working independently as a travel agent from this helpful Travel Planners International article.

Here are places you can browse to kick off your travel agent career:

  • Browse on FlexJobs. It exclusively showcases remote positions, and the travel section has hundreds of options.
  • Virtual Vocations also lists remote positions and is helpfully categorized. The travel section lists opportunities that are all fully remote. These jobs typically expect about 2 years of travel agent experience and a cover letter.
  • Hopper is a travel company that offers the best rates on hotels, flights, car rentals, and more. They have hundreds of remote travel-related positions, including becoming an agent. They offer a training program for all their travel agent hires, too!

3. Become a customer service representative!

legitimate work from home job customer service rep

Customer service representatives are a highly in-demand position. You don’t need a college education, and as long as you have a computer and some people skills, you’re most likely eligible. Occasionally, companies might even supply you with equipment. They usually also include benefits.

Pretty much every major (and minor) company needs customer service representatives. Lucky for us, the majority of these positions are from the comfort of your own home! Whether you’re a great people person or looking for an introductory position at a big company, this is a great work-from-home opportunity for the right people.

Here are places you can find remote customer service positions:

  • Search on Indeed as normal and change the location to “Remote”. Try to avoid jobs that have been posted for long periods of time.
  • Look directly on major companies’ job boards. Brands including Apple, Amazon, Hilton, and Spectrum are just a few looking to hire remote customer service representatives.
  • LinkedIn also has a “Remote” location, but note it is not as good at filtering actual remote positions as Indeed.

4. Showcase your skills and freelance gigs online!

freelance work on computers

Whether you’re a graphic designer, writer, or content creator, you should be taking advantage of freelancing! This can be a side hustle or even a full-time position if you work consistently enough. You’ll have to seek out a few gigs yourself, and hopefully building those connections will lead you to clients coming to you!

The easiest way to be introduced to freelancing is by using sites like Upwork or Fiverr, but note that these sites will take a portion of your earnings.

Here are places you can find freelance opportunities:

  • Upwork provides both work opportunities and talent options for pretty much every creative field. It does take a small portion of the pay, but it’s definitely a great resource for freelance work.
  • Fiverr is another amazing resource for freelancers of any kind. They categorize different areas of creativity, so you can easily browse opportunities in your area of expertise. Your payments are always protected and there is 24/7 support available if something arises.

5. Become a virtual assistant from the comfort of your home!

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As a virtual assistant, you’ll be in charge of a company’s day-to-day scheduling. This is usually a part-time position but can be full-time as well. Typically, you don’t need a college degree, but you may need some management experience.

Here are places you can find remote customer service positions:

  • Indeed shows thousands of remote virtual assistants positions in addition to how quickly the job listings respond, payment, and how often you’re expected to work.
  • LinkedIn is another great resource to find thousands of virtual assistant opportunities. Since it’s also a social platform, you can browse at how large a company is and who works there if you seek some application or career advice!

6. Many digital marketers can work remotely.

Social Media platforms

Digital marketers or sometimes known as social media marketing, are in charge of all things digital. This could include planning, creating, and posting social content, or delve into other areas like email and text marketing. This career can be accomplished with a degree or with valuable social media experience, even better if you have both.

Although some brands require you to work in the office, many allow you to work from home! It’s arguably the top field to get into if you’re looking for remote work. This is especially since all you really need is your phone.

Here are places you can find remote digital marketing opportunities:

  • Companies like Meta, Squarespace, and more are constantly looking for remote social media marketing opportunities.
  • Keep an eye out on Indeed and LinkedIn for the most recently updated remote social media positions.

7. Virtual receptionists are always needed.

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A virtual receptionist typically works from home, answering calls and transferring them to the correct department. If an employee is busy, the virtual receptionist can also take a message, make appointments, and do other similar responsibilities. You don’t need a college education for this, and it’s similar to the hospitality industry.

Here’s where to check virtual receptionist applications:

  • Both Indeed and LinkedIn will have the best options for a virtual receptionist, in addition to a specific company’s direct job board.

8. Become a full-time remote writer.

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Whether it’s a ghostwriter, copywriter, content writer, or staff writer, pretty much all of these above have tons of remote opportunities! It is not required to have an educational background, but many employers will have a preference for those who have a bachelor’s in English, Journalism, Communications, or a similar field. Regardless, the most important aspect is your skillset.

Pretty much every single brand and company you can think of off the top of your head needs a writer. You can also find additional work freelancing using the resources listed above.

Here are places you can find remote customer service positions:

  • Look directly on major companies’ job boards. Brands including Buzzfeed, BKA Content, and Talent Inc. are just a few companies looking for remote writers.
  • LinkedIn and Indeed also have a bunch of different remote writing opportunities.
  • Review the freelance options above as well to find individual opportunities!

9. If you’re into technology, become a programmer.

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If you’re proficient in skills like coding and programming, a future in technology can be yours! You don’t need a college degree for this field. In fact, some people start right after high school. Here’s a good outline of the step-by-step process of getting involved in this industry.

Here are places you can find remote tech opportunities:

  • As the name suggests, RemoteTechJobs.com shows all sorts of remote positions within the tech industry!
  • LinkedIn and Indeed also have tons of different remote tech opportunities.
  • Review the freelance options above as well to find individual opportunities!

10. Join the Hip family!

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If you didn’t know, Hip2Save has always been 100% fully remote! This means all the deals, content, and posts are all written in the comfort of our own homes. We offer health benefits, PTO, and other amazing opportunities.

By all means, being remote does not affect the coworker experience! We are a tight-knit group here at Hip, and we’re all here for each other professionally and personally, arguably more than an in-person office. ❤️

To check out our open positions, visit our career website and see if you think we’d be a good fit for you!

Bonus: Take some online surveys for extra pocket change!

pinecone research pays $3 a survery hip2save

There are small ways to earn some money, too! They won’t be enough to become a full-time job, but every penny counts, doesn’t it?

Here are some way you can collect extra spending money:

  • Survey Junkie will reward your surveys with points, and those points can be redeemed for gift cards. Not the same as actual cash, but everything counts, right?
  • Scan your receipts with Fetch and redeem points to get free gift cards! You might as well be rewarded for the shopping you do on a regular basis, right?
  • Ibotta offers a series of cash-back offers from your favorite retailers so you’re rewarded while purchasing your daily items.

Here are some more creative ways to make money!

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