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Save on the latest in home health tech at CVS!

Head on over to CVS.com where you can snag this CVS Health Symphony: Essential bundle for just $149.99 shipped (regularly $249.99) – no promo code needed!

Nothing beats having peace of mind when it comes to those you love, and this incredible fall detection and health monitoring gadget has all the bells and whistles. It boasts 24/7 voice-activated emergency response, built-in motion, air quality, and temperatures sensors, as well as automatic fall detection.

Plus, while you’re giving your loved one more independence, you can put your mind at ease with real updates and 2-way communication through the Smart Hub at any time. In this bundle, you get a Smart Hub, a Care Button with wristband and lanyard, an automatic fall sensor, and 2 motion sensors.

CVS symphony bundle in boxes

Once you activate your Symphony subscription you will also receive access to unlimited 4G service for app-to-Hub check-in calls, an unlimited number of caregivers in the Symphony App to monitor you or your loved one’s well-being, and the free caregiver app to monitor their well-being remotely.

You can activate your bundle and sign up for your $39.99 monthly subscription here.

CVS symphony in bathroom

See why users consistently give this 5-stars… 

My grandmom fell in the bathroom a few months ago. She lives on her own and is in denial of her condition and her age. This product is so amazing because she’s not required to wear the care button. It’s a helpful accessory but for those that still believe they’re independent, they can benefit from the fall sensors that are included in this kit. Being able to say “emergency” several times to contact 911 or ME (the caregiver) is a huge bonus. This bundle also tracks her movement on a daily basis so if the movement changes for a period of time, the app will alert me so I can check on her. With my CarePass membership, I was able to save 20% on this item plus my $10 CarePass and other coupons I applied to my card from the app. This gives me and my family peace of mind and is worth the investment.

Due to epilepsy, my neurologist wanted me to have a lifeline in the home. I found the necklace ugly and I never wore it. Because I never wore the necklace, when I got vertigo for the first time, EMTs had to knock through my back door. I never used a lifeline for this emergency. Someone called 911 for me. I’ll never forget how terrifying it was lying on my bedroom floor screaming for help. With the Symphony, I can call out “emergency” twice and it will ask if I need help. There’s also the fall sensor that goes on the wall in the bathroom. If I am on the floor, it will ask if I need help. There is a great caregiver app that allows others to see where you are, and keep in touch. The app holds a wealth of information such as chronic conditions, medications, allergies, lockbox #, and more.

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